Palihari Bati
Palihari Bati

 Key ingredients:

Aluwa, Abhrak bhasma, Kasis, Sudha Lehsun (Allium sativum), Guma ka ras (Leucas cephalotes).

Palihari Bati

1. Available Size : 40 tab

    Basic Ayurveda Palihari Bati is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form, used in the treatment of liver and spleen disorders. This medicine contains heavy metal ingredients, hence should only be taken under strict medical supervision. This medicine is most commonly used in north Indian Ayurvedic practice. It is excellent medicine for spleen. It helps to reduce enlargement of spleen in stomach. It is useful to reduce fever, cough & cold, swelling like symptoms which occur due to enlargement of spleen. Palihari bati is a good medicine for lungs enlargement also. It is most beneficial ayurvedic medicine to reduce chance of infection in liver and spleen.

    1. Helpful in liver disorder

    2. Helpful in spleen disorder

    3. Reduce symptoms of liver and spleen enlargement

    4. Beneficial in fever

    5. Useful in cold & cough due to spleen enlargement

    6. Beneficial in any type of swelling


Dosage: 1-4 tablet twice a day with luckwarm water or as directed by physician.

Caution: To be taken under medical supervision.

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