Okassa Cal Silver
Okassa Cal Silver

Nutritional value (Approx):

Calcium, Phosphorus, vitamin D3 (10,000 I.U), Vitamin B12 (200 mg) carbohydrate (Cobalt- 10mg), (Magnesium- 150mg), (Shatavari ext.), (Seabuckthorn oil- 0.1ml).

Okassa Cal Silver

1. Available Size : 1000ml, 5.5ltr

    Okassa Cal silver stimulates the Physiological process of mammary gland to produce more milk. It stimulates secretion of milk and increases the milk yield and maintains the milk yield during the entire lactation period of cattle. Okassa cal silver ensure smooth and complete let down of milk. This supplement enriched with calcium phosphorous, vitamin D3. Vitamin B12, cobalt, magnesium with essential fatty acids

    It gives strength to cattle and improves immunity it helps in irregular of failure of lactation. And also enhance the quality of milk. It helps in Low level of milk production due to retain placenta, metritis. It Contain high absorbable calcium & Vitamins and safe for all livestock classes.

    1. Improve bone health

    2. Benefit in hypocalcaemia                          

    3. High yield production of milk

    4. Improve quality of milk

    5. Excellent formula for body activeness

    6. Good source of calcium

Dosage: For Cattle-: 100 ml daily.

               For calves-: 20 to 50 ml daily.

               For poultry-: 50 to 100 ml / 100 birds daily.

Caution: Consult with your Veterinary Physician prior to using any Ayurvedic Veterinary Supplement.

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