The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires companies that produce certain Acidified and Low-Acid Canned Food (LACF) packaged in hermetically sealed containers to obtain a Food Canning Establishment (FCE) registration. In addition, food canning establishments must file documentation with FDA for each process used in the production of foods subject to these requirements. Each of these “Process Filings” is assigned a unique “Submission Identifier” (SID) number.
Registrar Corp FCE-SID experts provide multi-lingual compliance support for FCE facilities, including:
• Assistance with the FCE registration process, including accessing FDA’s online LACF system
• Guidance as to required elements, formats, and particularities of FCE-SID submissions
• FCE-SID Certificates issued by Registrar Corp documenting your valid SID listings to assure your customers that your products have been properly filed with U.S. FDA.

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